5 Easy Tools to Visualize Data

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Data visualization is a great way to tell a story to your customers.

It’s a good thing that there are more and more tools available for this purpose. We have listed 5 tools that are powerful and easy to use.


Chartkick is based on Ruby and Chartkick js is based on Javascript. You can simply create a chart in a matter of seconds. There are multiple types of charts to choose from and single charts allow for multiple series.  The tool is very intuitive and also integrates with two other charting libraries we will discuss below: HighCharts JS and Google Charts.

Pizza Pie Charts


Pizza Pie Charts is a pie charting tool that focuses mainly on HTML and CSS integration. The looks good visually and is scalable. Thanks to Adobe’s Snap SVG frame work your visual story telling will look good on HD screens as well.

Google Charts

Google Charts

Google offers many tools and Google Charts is a great way if you are looking to tell stories with your data by means of visualization. It offers a range of different chart types, animation options and special visualizations.

HighCharts js


If you are looking for a charting tool in pure JavaScript you might try HighCharts js. Like most charting tools it makes for a simple means of adding interactive charts to your site. It offers a range of chart types and is easy to use and configure.



Humble Finance is a great tool if you are working with large data sets, because it allows you to use sliders to select a sub set of the data and zoom in. It is based on HTML 5 and looks very similar to the Google Finance charting tool. Despite what the name suggests Humble Finance is not necessarily a finance tool, but can be used for other types of data as well.  You are required to store data JavaScript variables and parameters need to be set before you can start charting.

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