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5 Important Social Media Trends

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With the rapid and drastic changes in social media you can’t afford to sit still when it comes to creating marketing strategies, especially your social media strategies.

Because of these changes it is very important to reevaluate your business goals at least once a year. This includes evaluating your marketing & social media campaigns. This will help you improve your strategies by finding the right channels to invest your time, money and staff. 

To help you we have listed the 5 most important social media trends:

Complementary use of social media, SEO, and content creation.

Maximize the impact of social media, SEO and content creation by ensuring that they work in unison. A complementary approach is more and more common among online marketeers. Not only is Google placing more emphasis on it, it also makes much more sense. By integrating all three into one strategy you are able to put these tools to work to their individual strengths while limiting their shortcomings. This is very important because social media has really changed the way of sharing content by companies and customers alike.

Think of social media, SEO and content creation of three pillars of your communication foundation in order to effectively build your brand by increasing your visibility, creating engaging content, leads and sales.

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The same reason investors diversify and spread out their investments also holds true for social media campaigns: Never put all your eggs in one basket. If you become over-reliant on a single platform you will be susceptible to changes made to that platform. Google and Facebook for example change their algorithms  to improve their search results and their advertising income. If an algorithm change causes your page to be shown to less followers than before that has a major impact on your campaign.

If a platform is down that means that no ads are shown, no customer engagement, etc. Overdependancy simply is not a strategy, but a risk.

Google+ is gaining traction

Google+ has already been a round for a while now, but has not enjoyed the same popularity as Facebook. This will most likely change as the social network is starting to play a more important role when it comes to Google’s organic ranking algorithm. 

Why is this even more important than you may think? Recently Google’s Matt Cutts confirmed that Facebook and Twitter no impact on SEO ranking due to accessibility and crawling issues. If your goal is increase organic search ranking than it would make a lot of sense to use Google+ as Google will be able to crawl it without limitations.

Another big change that is coming to SEO is Google Authorship. Google Authorship is a way of assisting the search engine to identify your content, attribute it to the right author and create a portfolio for said author. What this does for search results is that it will display an image of the author of an article next to their content in the search results. This should lead to increased exposure and click-through-rates.

Visual content

If there is one area in terms of content that is scorching hot it is visual content. If done well visuals can make a huge impact. The phrase “a picture says more than a thousand words” has never been more true than during the era of mobile and social media. The benefit of visuals is that you can tell a story very quickly. Companies like Pinterest thrive on visuals and according to one study 29 percent of Pinterest users purchased an item after posting or re-pinning it on the network.

Data visualization is a great way to share insights (infographics) with your customers and is easily shareable, because of its visual nature. People are more likely to view a visualization than read an article because the latter simply takes more time. It is especially interesting if your company has a lot of data and compelling stories behind that data. At the same time video is being used much more and to a higher degree of effectiveness. This is partly due to technological developments, but also due to rapid rise of micro video sharing sites and apps like Vine and Instagram. Video, like infographics are a great way to tell a story or convey a feeling.

The best way to start with these tools is by understanding how these platform may help your business goals and experiment with the various platforms. 

Social media brand builing

Social media can be a very effective means of managing and building your brand. But in order to do so you need to be consistent in managing it. Make sure that the visual branding of your social media accounts are consistent. Messages that are posted should  reflect the brand values and image.

Social media are a perfect way to engage with your customer base and make sure your approach takes advantage of this. Create a special Twitter account for customer support and feedback for example. This allows you to manage the content stream more effectively and allows you to use a dedicated channel for specific situations. 

Look at your organization and see where and how you can improve the communication with your customers.

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