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5 Important Ways to Inspire Your People

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All leaders know that if you want to lead your people you need to focus on them. But there is a big difference between focus and control. A true leader can focus on the person and empowers his people to make decisions. Although the context constantly changes the foundation of inspiring your people does not.

Building trust

Any successful relationship begins with trust. This is especially true when it comes to leadership. Trust is not only embedded in words, but mostly in language. Show your people that they can trust you and show them that you trust them. Understand that it takes time for people to trust you and that you will experience similar feelings as well. Let it be clear what people can expect from you. Become familiar with your people’s talents and limitations, and give them the tools and encouragement they need to be successful.

Get to know your people

A staple of many management seminars is that managers are told to ask their employees how they are doing. Too often this only results in shallow and insincere questions as part of a trick they learnt. The reason you should really know your people is because you should want to know them. You want to know who you are leading. You want to know their interests, who they are and what makes them tick. You want to know this in order to be able to put them in the right position and support them in a way that is beneficial to them.

Creating an open, honest and positive environment

To create a positive environment where people are honest and open it is important to be clear what you mean by that. Make sure that people understand that your goal is for them to enjoy coming to work. The importance of ensuring positivity is part of the environment cannot be overstated. Encourage people to share their view in a constructive way as if they were coaching themselves. This requires a sincere commitment to interact with people in an open way. Show people what you mean by that and give them feedback.

Lead by example

As a leader people watch you very closely. Walk the walk that you talk. If you expect others to show certain behavior, ensure you don’t show opposite behavior. Embrace the lessons learned from the animal kingdom: monkey see, monkey do. Although it may not sound eloquent, the lesson learned is that if you want more engaged and empowered employees, model the behavior you want to see.

Empower your people

Trust your people’s abilities to solve problems and let them know that you trust them. Listen to their feedback if they require help, tools or encouragement. Empowering your people can be as simple as sincerely listening to their worries. Give them the feeling that they matter. People who feel appreciated will display more self-esteem and feel more empowered.


These 5 pillars will lay the foundation for inspiring leadership and will put you in a position to create enthusiastic, empowered and confident people.

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