ATLAS Has Been Upgraded For DARPA Robotics Challenge

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Boston Dynamics’ original design of ATLAS was already very impressive. It maneuvered well, adapted to terrains and was pretty sturdy. It was also a big chunk of technology.

In advance of the DARPA Robotics Challenge, Boston Dynamics has given ATLAS a powerful upgrade, making it sleeker, stronger and faster. The whole redesign of ATLAS makes it better equipped at completing a number of challenges with humans in mind. Because let’s face it: this bad boy will replace us. And when it comes to dangerous situations that is a good thing. Another important change was to equip the robot with a battery pack that eliminates the requirement for it to “plugged in” and increases its usefulness.

The redesign was aimed at making the robot less bulky, but increase its strength, speed and precision. When looking at the torso and the legs the resemblances to human legs are uncanny. And the video below shows how smooth the robot is able to move its wrists, walk and adjust. Especially the ability to adjust real-time to changing circumstances remains an amazing piece of engineering and programming.

The future is looking bright for the Google-backed android (pun intended) and we can’t wait to see how it develops.

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