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Do Men and Women Really Use Social Media Differently?

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Are men and women really that different, or it is all  just a marketing ploy? Well, according to data compiled in the infographic below by personal finance website men and women really are different. This research shows that men use social media for business reasons more than women do. Women however, are more likely than men to use social media to stay in touch with family and friends, share photos with friends and find how-to information.

The research also shows that men and women have different ways of interacting with brands when using ther mobile phones. Men tend to scan a QR code or coupon code more frequently than women. Women, on the other hand are more likely to follow a brand on social media so that they stay up to date about deals.

It also shows that women out number men for the top reasons for using Facebook. They share with more people at once, see more videos and photos, are more likely to see entertaining posts, more likely to learn how to help others and receive more support from their network.

1396456806-smartphone-social-media-usage-men-vs-women-infographic Perhaps men are really from Mars and women really do come from Venus?


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