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How to Create Content Marketing

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When it comes to content marketing it is important to create and publish useful or entertaining content like articles, photographs, videos, etc. Basically anything that will attract, engage, and retain customers. Good content marketing doesn’t just happen by accident. Marketers need to plan ahead to be successful,  give customers something of real value and choose content that is relevant to the products that you are selling.

How to Write Engaging Content

See what we did there? How-to articles are, perhaps, the very best form of content marketing, because “how to” is one of the most universal questions a person can ask.

You might demonstrate how to complete specific tasks that are related to the products your store sells. The Eastwood Company, which sells welders, welding supplies, painting equipment, and power tools, is an excellent example of a company that creates excellent how-to content that is related to its products. You can see examples on Eastwood’s YouTube channel.

Every online retailer should be able to find some topic for a how-to blog post, video, social share, or similar. Here are some examples of how-to article titles for several example retail categories. Perhaps they will spark your creativity

  • Women’s apparel.
    • How to Freshen Up Any Outfit with Accessories.
    • How to Pick Your Perfect Pants.
    • How to Tell Which Colors Look Best on You.
  • Toys.
    • How to Choose a Toy for Your Video Gaming Grandson.
    • 10 Questions to Ask Your Kid Before You Buy Her a Toy.
    • How to Find Toy Recall Information.

Use The Holidays

Holidays, serious or otherwise, can also be an opportunity for content marketers. May 4 is a fun, made-up holiday for fans of the Star Wars movies, television shows, and books. The date was chosen because when said out loud — “May the fourth” — it sounds similar to “May the force.” Fans celebrating the holiday often greet each other, saying, “May the fourth be with you.”

For ecommerce content marketers the holiday creates an opportunity to connect to a cult of deeply devoted fans that come from across the social strata.

Star Wars Day content should seek to entertain. As an example, consider the Star Wars-inspired Myers-Briggs personality chart from the Geek in Heels blog. The chart has been shared many times online and carries with it the blog’s URL.

Mother’s Day is another opportunity to offer interesting content that both honors the holiday and attracts customers. Online retailers might publish lists of Mother’s Day gift ideas in blog posts, on Pinterest, or on Polyvore.

There is an opportunity to profile important women and mothers from the retailer’s industry segment.

Content marketing can also be user generated, so it could make sense to allow users to submit photos of their mother on Instagram for an opportunity to win a prize package. Content marketing should help, inform, or entertain customers. The idea is that shoppers tend to choose retailers that they like and trust, and sharing content helps to build those affinities. 

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