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How Big Data Can Save The US Goverment 500 Billion Dollars

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Governments across the globe love spending money and none more than the US government. Do they spend it all in the right place? Perhaps asking the question also answers it. But what if we told you that the US government could save 500 billion Dollars!

How would the US government, or any government, save such a huge amount of money? By using Big Data to improve insight, make smarter decisions and increase efficiency. By diving into the vast sea of government data it is possible to make connections that are otherwise impossible to make. The other added benefit of using Big Data is that it introduces facts in discussions.

The potential of Big Data is, despite the coverage it gets, still very much underrated. This is even more true for governments. Public institutions are generally not know for pushing the limits of innovation. This is the time however where governments across the globe should invest in Big Data to increase their efficiency. Instead of raising taxes to fill the holes in their budgets Big Data allows them to do much more with the same budget:

Government savings

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