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How to Make Your Customers Love Your Brand

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Building a brand requires time, commitment and strategy. If you want customers to love your brand you are going to have to impress them and treat them well. If you don’t, the love affair won’t be much more than a one night stand.

Just like romance the way to build a lasting relation with your customers means communication, intimacy and dedication.  Pay attention you your customers and communicate with them on an individual level. One way to do this is by not annoying your customers.

According a research by Responsys almost 75% of all customers are looking for long-term relationships with brands that recognize and appreciate their commitment. More than one third said that they stopped using a brand that communicates in annoying or irrelevant ways such sending irrelevant promotions, generic feedback or  disruptive messages.


Your customers expect to be treated like individuals and these days you have the data to do exactly that. Use your analytics to improve the intimacy with your customers, learn who they are, what they like, what they prefer and how the engage with your brand. Use this information to bolster your social media strategy and further solidify your brand. 

See the infographic below to see if your brand is relationship material or break-up material.


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