Quick Fix – Navigation and SEO

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It is obvious that Amazon is doing a lot really well when it comes to search engine optimization judging by the number of Google searches for which Amazon ranks. It’s hard to highlight one thing that Amazon does well in regards to SEO, but its navigation is exemplary.

Consider the enormous range of products that Amazon has to catalog and provide access to in a way that its customers and search engines can all access optimally.

SEO and Flyout Navigation

Amazon’s navigation appeals to consumers and – just as important – search engines. 

Amazon has overcome a potential massive headache by implementing a flyout navigation element that slides down when the user mouses over the “Shop by Department” label in the header. In the image above, the left side depicts Amazon’s “Home, Garden & Tools” navigational grouping as customers are intended to see it. On the right side is the flyout navigation for the same navigational grouping as search engines crawlers read it — with JavaScript, CSS, cookies and images disabled.

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