Meanwhile in Japan

Meanwhile In Japan… You Won’t Believe Some Of This Weirdness!

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The beauty of the internet lies in its ever-growing enormousness. There is so much we have access to, we don’t have enough time to feed all of our sensory hungers.

So what do you do when you only have one life and so much to read, watch and listen to? How do you choose which information, entertainment and silliness you pick. Life is all about time and decisions. We only have a limited amount of both.

Time to set priorities! Here is what Japan doesn’t want you to miss! Popular in Japan!

Disclaimer: I don’t speak Japanese so I have described the videos to the best of my knowledge and visual translation talents. どういたしまして!

Cats. The internet has spoken.


I honestly don’t know what this is about. It seems like a game show with a high-pitched voice over. Perhaps someone has to find a book… and for the lowest price? Who knows? And then there is some serious acting involved as well. Ah, the great mysteries of the web.


Now this is one I can identify with: the inability to actually make pasta. I have to give this guy credit, because he really tries, but the end result? Struggling to make pasta is a universally shared curse. The end result is simply….!!!! :-S


Apparently this is something about Twitter. He seems quite… well, I’m not sure, but he seems very intent on explaining/using/loving Twitter.


We have always been here. The quest to try, to cry and to regret. After the pasta fiasco Japan decided to try get rid of the taste in geeky fashion.


The esteemed Kyary pam yu pam yu! Or Kya rypamy upam yu? Perhaps Kyary pam yupam yu… I give up 😀

Thank you Japan.

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