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7 ways to use social media effectively

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When it comes to social media you are really spoiled. Whether you use sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ as your hub for all your social media activities, YouTube, Flickr, and Instagram as a rich media archive content for other channels and blogs as penetration tools to reach individual audience segments.

The challenge is using these social media sources in such a way that there is logic behind their use. This means that these tools should not be used individually, but as complementary. Rather than creating social media campaigns, make all of your marketing campaigns social.

Here are 7 ways to integrate social media with other forms of marketing.

Create a Twitter Channel for Customer Service

Twitter is often used as channel for content monitoring, brand monitoring and promotion as well as customer interaction. For customers this can be confusing. To take away the confusion and improve the customer interaction in terms of questions, feedback and complaints create a separate Twitter account that only deals with these topics.

Integrate Social with Traditional Marketing with Campaign Hashtags

Hashtags have become a strong and simple communication tool. Large brands such as Nike use hashtags in their traditional media as well. Their hastag of “#makeitcount” is strong identifier for their audience. In 2012, Nike conducted a hashtag campaign using Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram that asked fans to share how they planned to “#makeitcount” that year. The company advertised via print and digital media to focus attention around it. So successful was the campaign that Nike extended it into 2013.

Combine Social Media and E-mail

When it comes to social media and e-mail they are tools that perfectly compliment each other and their combined approach create new possibilities.

  • Include social media icons in email templates that link to your media networks. This makes it easy for readers to find you in social media.
  • Add social sharing buttons to email templates. This makes it possible for someone who likes your campaign to share it with friends and followers with only the click of a button.
  • Convert social followers to email contacts. Email marketing platforms like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Mad Mimi, and iContact offer signup forms designed for use on Facebook Pages.

Improve SEO by combining Good Content with Social Media

Google+ is often ignored by companies and SEO expert alike. When it comes to Google’s search crawlers and Google rankings however you might want to reconsider. Due to the obvious relationship between Google+ and Google search it can be a very good asset.

Target Journalists Using Social Media

When it comes to researching and writing articles journalist are just like other people: they surf the web and also frequent social media. Connect with journalists by following them and commenting on their content. If you create good content yourself your network-building activities will pay off.

Carry Over other Types of Marketing Campaigns into Social Media

When using contests, discounts, special offers, and seasonal promotions in email and other types of marketing campaigns, also include social media:

  • Use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn promoted posts to reach a larger audience.
  • Create a Facebook Page app or LinkedIn Showcase Page to call extra attention to the promotion.
  • Feature contest winners on social networks, and encourage them to share the mention with their friends and followers.
  • Create hashtags that support contests and promotions.

Post Your Content to Social Networks

Post the content of your website on the relevant social network sites. This will increase the potential audience for your content. People who may not have visited your web site may find your content on social media site. Put PowerPoint decks on Slideshare, videos on YouTube, photos on Flickr, documents on Scribd, and blog posts on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+.


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