Bernard Pras - salvador Dali

The Key to Understanding Art Depends on Where You Stand. Literally!

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Have you ever looked at modern art and asked yourself the question: ‘what am I looking at?!’. It turns out that you were asking yourself the wrong question.

Life sometimes appears to be nothing more than a series of mere coincidences strung together. It makes you wonder if there isn’t a bigger picture that you could only understand if you looked at it from the right perspective. Bernard Pras, a French artist, creates art that will make your jaw drop once you see what he wants you to see.

Bernard Pras creates 3d objects that contain an image that can only be seen from a specific vantage point. He accomplishes this by breaking down an image and then building it up again by assembling it by placing seemingly random objects together piece by piece. This is a great example of how our vantage points influences our perception and what we see. It is a visual lesson that helps one understand how important context is to understanding the world.

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