The Super Nintendo Was The Best Videogame Console Ever. Here Is Why.

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As time passes by and months turn into years and years turn into decades I realize that more and people have never experienced some of the most interesting moments in the history. I have never seen Cassius Clay fight, nor did I see any of his fights when he changed his name into Muhammad Ali. And just as I was born too late to live in the era of the greatest boxer ever there are many people now who were born after 1995, which pretty much was the last breath of the glorious Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (also know as the SNES) was arguable one of the best consoles ever created. It came out in 1990 in Japan as a successor to the already popular Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and was subsequently relased in North America in 1991, in Europe and Australia in 1992 and South America had to wait until 1993. An interesting feature about these releases is the design of the North American SNES, which is more square than the Japanese and PAL versions. The game cartridges feature a similar design diference.

Whereas the Nintendo Entertainment System had to rely on only 8-bits, the Super Nintendo doubled this to 16-bit and it really showed in both the graphics and the music. The graphics were much more colorful and detailed and games like F-Zero showed off the brilliant Mode-7 effect.

The SNES was a huge success globally success. Although it came out after Sega’s Genesis/Megadrive had already been released, it ended up being the best-selling console of the 16-bit era and stayed popular for a long time, even as Sony released 32-bit Playstation and Sega released a similar bit-sized monster with the Sega Saturn.

Why was the Super Nintendo Entertainment System so popular? There are a couple reasons:

1) Substantial graphical improvements
The SNES improved leaps and bounds over its predecessor, the NES. Graphically there was so much more to look at. The characters were much more detailed with more animation to them. If you compare Samus from the game Metroid on the NES with the Samus from the game Super Metroid, the difference is tremendous!

NES Metroid Mother Brain 1080
SNES Metroid Mother Brain 1080
Beyond being able to portray more complex characters, the backgrounds were so much more detailed and non-static , with more colors, animations and interactivity. The Super Nintendo also incorporated scaling Mode7, which made racing games look so much better than anything we had seen before. If you were used to the graphics of the NES and then switched to a SNES you couldn’t help but be overwhelmed.

[On a side note, the last time I really saw someone be madly impressed with graphics was when a friend of mine had a Playstation 1 with the original Resident Evil. I had a Gamecube at the time with the re-make of Resident Evil 1 that I showed him; jaws were dropped that day. That leap in graphics is still the biggest magic trick I have ever seen when it comes to video games.]

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