This Company Already Knows What We Will Be Talking About In Three Days From Now

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In the era of social media a little incident can grow from a little mistake into a full-fledged  worldwide brand disaster in a matter of days. But with the complex structure of irratic nature of social media it is hard to control public outrage. The real problem is that companies are unable to react quickly enough when the proverbial shit hits the fan. 

 Fortunately Big Data can give you a head start. A company called Blab is pioneering the field of Predictive Social Intelligence (PSI). The combination of proprietary technology and Big Data processing allows them to organize, pattern and predict what will be talked about on social media in a few days from now. 

By understanding what matters in three days from now Blab puts companies in a position to understand what matters right now. It gives companies information to act now instead reacting later on. 

Think about that. The future. We’re putting powerful, predictive insights into the hands of real-time business people, every minute of every day. We know in advance which conversations, images, and videos are going to be tomorrow’s zeitgeist, so you can explore, predict and decide what to do about it. These are opportunities for you to not only become part of the conversation, but to get in on it early enough to steer it, use it for inspiration, or adjust your strategy. The next “who knew” is right around the corner. Blab’s Predictive Social Intelligence can see it coming. 

With millions of conversations across the globe on a multitude of platforms and languages Blab’s predictive technology can help companies identify which of those conversations are important to their brand.
It is profoundly easier to act on things we see coming rather then all of a sudden finding ourselves in the midst of a social media backlash and using the kitchen sink approach. The sooner you are able to act the greater the influence you have at steering the mood and direction of the conversation.  
When you look at social media platforms and the many conversations they host it becomes obvious that companies want to be part of the conversation. But because the communication methods are so plentiful and happen so fast it can prove difficult to choose the right conversations to join and influence.
When companies spend money on ads they want to control the message and how it is delivered. In essence they spend money for one-way inluential messages. The online world however changes so quickly that there is much less time to sway the opinion and as a result the intended message may have become irrelevant by the time it reaches its intended audience. 

Many companies are struggling to hold the power to influence people in their decision making, because it is no longer a monologue but a discussion. This is why predicting why discussions will turn into hypes becomes so important. 

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