what does a top performing CEO look like

What Do Top Performing CEO’s Look Like?

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Everyone can name some of the world’s top performing CEO’s: Larry Page, Jeff Bezos or Meg Whitman. Besides being well-known they also share many traits that make them successful leaders.

Top executives nowadays need a set of specific skills to help their companies succeed. Recognizing, adapting and capitalizing on rapid-fire changes in the marketplace are important characteristics. But what does a successful CEO look like? What did they study? And where did they come from? 

Research shows that the success of Larry Page with Google is not a common phenomenon as only 2% of founders become successful CEO’s. And despite efforts to increase the number of female executives, 98% of the top CEO’s is  woman. What is almost a given is that the best executives have at least a bachelors degree (99%) and are married (97%).


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