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What Makes Us Click?

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“This is one of the most amazing things you’ll ever see! And it’s 100% real!” A headline like that on a website just begs to be clicked. Sharing sites like Buzzfeed and Upworthy are thriving on posting links to articles that contain headlines that “makes us click”. The statistics are clear in the sense that their articles get shared a lot on social sharing sites like Facebook and Twitter. Why are they so successful and what could you learn from them?

Let’s look at human behavior first. As a species we are curious beings by nature. Our brain is stimulated by inputs and when we come across a headline that reads “Scientists Have Solved The Mystery Of What’s Been Quacking In The Ocean, And It’s Not A Duck.”, many of us cannot resist to click on a headline like that. It is an appealing call for our attention, because if it is not a duck, then what is it? We simply have to find out!

While the content on the internet is ever increasing, our attention spans are deminishing. This makes standing out even more important as every minute can only be spent once. Buzzfeed and Upworthy really understand this and the content that they produce are very suitable to be shared. Whether it is news, 10 ways to be cool like Clooney, 50 wedding dresses you’ll fall in love with or just a simple “what kind of Star Wars character are you” questionnaire, droves of people click on it.

Are any of the articles really solving someone’s problems or do they only soothe our curiosity? It’s most likely the latter (although we could be underestimating the value of knowing which breakfast dish best describes your inner strength). The lesson you can learn is to implement the power of curiosity. Use your web analytics to find out what makes your customers tick and click. Who are your customers and what are they interested in? What does their behavior tell you? Look at your products, brand and values. Find out how you can use the appeal of curiosity in your communication. The use of social media can play a pivotal role in this strategy.

Attract the attention of your customers and serve them a great solution to their problem.

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