why infographics are so effective

Why Infographics Are So Effective

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There is a reason why infographics are used so often. When it comes to sharing information a picture can be one of the quickest and most effective ways to get the message across. We are visual creatures and have expressed ourselves using drawings for thousands of years from the age of the caveman to the Egyptian hieroglyphs and from Rembrandt to motion picture. We are drawn to visuals because they provide instant context and clarity.

The internet is yet another way to share information, messages and feelings. Thanks social media the rate at which we share things has increased at an astonishing rate. When we are using platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn we are more likely to share visual content such as photos, videos and infographics. As a matter of fact, we are much more likely to reshare infographics than other types of posts. On Twitter for example infographics get more than 800% more retweets than images and articles. Why? Again: it is visual and provides context immediately. We already mentioned this as one of the biggest social media trends in a previous article. Pinterest is a perfect example of a platform devoted to visuals.

When you look at the scale at which social media are being used it becomes even more clear why infographics are so effective: they can go global in a very short time. This is a great way for companies, NGO’s, political parties, activists, scientists and anyone else to get their message across quickly.

The rise of the infographics may seem like something new, but it isn’t. Humanity has created infographics for ages. The rise of Big Data however puts us in a position to create meaningful content designed as infographics like never before.

8 reasons why infographics are so effective

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