You Can Now 3D Print Your Own House In Less Than A Day

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3D printing is still booming and the technology keeps raising the bar in terms of innovating prowess. It is now possible to 3D print an entire house in 20 hours!

Sometimes you don’t know if the internet is just trolling you or if something unbelievable is actually true. But when you read about houses being built in under a day it seems like a bogus story, but Chinese engineers have found a way to 3D print entire house in under a day. Even more amazing is that the cost is less than 5,000 USD!

A company called WinSun 3D from Shanghai 3D printed ten houses in only a day. But they didn’t stop just there. They have also used 3D printing to build a villa. The villa does not look ike a 3D printed object. It actually looks like a quintessential villa you would find somewhere in Europe.

These houses can be made 30 percent faster than regular kinds of buildings. The beauty about this process is that it is potentially a revolutionary way to solve housing problems in poor countries due to its low costs.

3D Printed Villa





The printing/ construction process is explained in this video:

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