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You Won’t Believe Your Eyes When You See How This Beautiful Image Was Made

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Sometimes you run into an image that is just so breathtakingly beautiful that you just gaze upon its brilliance. Most artists and creatives then also want to analyze and deconstruct the image to better understand what they see and how it was made.

Quite often though we don’t get the chance to see the artist’s process of creating beautiful images. The reasoning is often to not share the tricks of the trade and to keep a competitive advantage; a unique artistic signature so to speak. Whether this protects the artist or inhibits his creative development is an entirely other debate. Fortunately though there are artists who are more than willing to share. This video opens a window into the minds of Lightfarm Studios who used this video to celebrate the launch of their 3rd Studio – Lightfarm Brasil.

It is a great example of how mesmerizing fine art can be. Personally I am a big fan of this particular kind of art, because it often adds more depth and imagination than other forms of visual art. Because of the static nature of images, fine art often does a great job of evoking curiousness and imagination. It is also less susceptible to the influence of technical perfection. Fine art is not about realism, it is about aesthetics. It is about creating what you envision.

And what a vision Lightfarm Studios had!


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